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It all started with a car rent in Riga. But this was not enough, we did not want to stop there. From the customers' expectations in our office, we moved on to greater actions - we began to deliver cars to hotels in Riga, Riga Airport and Jurmala . After some time, our clients have had the opportunity to take advantage of car hire services in other cities in Latvia
So, step by step we have started to increase our activity on the car rental market of Riga and later in other parts of Latvia. But, as we know, there is no limit to perfection, especially when it comes to customers desires, therefore it became clear to us that we are in need for geographical expansion of our services. So there was "Prime Car Rent".

Prime Car Rent

"Prime Car Rent": this is an association of three car hire companies, each of which started to work in the regions - of LatviaLithuania and Estonia, individually. But considering specificity of work in Baltic region and united tourist and business space, none of the car hire companies can provide a high-grade spectrum of services, ignoring work necessity (more or less) in each of three countries. This factor also was a reason to a teamwork beginning. 
After long and most important, successful cooperation, a decision was made for rebranding as well as to switch from working under different names in each of three Baltic States to work under one - "Prime Car Rent". Our association has considered all errors and complexities of last years, and we have decided to start all over, leaving all earned by loyal clients' privileges in the past and offering them a better product.


Head Quarter of the car rental association is located in Riga, Latvia.
Our address: Lielirbes iela 1, Riga, Latvia, LV-1046. 

Field of activity

Cars hire - short-term rent, transfer, and drivers' services, as well as LUXURY cars.

The market of services


Car rental in Estonia - you could rent a car in Tallinn,ParnuTartu and other cities;

Car rental in Latvia you could rent a car in RigaJurmala and other cities;

Car rental in Lituania - you could rent a car in VilniusKaunasKlaipedaPalanga and other cities;


Car rental in Austria you could rent a car in Vienna, Graz,InnsbruckSalzburg and other cities;

Car rental in Czech Republic you could rent a car in Prague and other cities;

Car rental in Finland - you could rent a car in HelsinkiTampereTurkuRovaniemiOuluVantaaVaasaEspoo and other cities;

Car rental in Poland - you could rent a car in Warsaw,Krakow, KatowicePoznan and other cities;

Car rental in Switzerland - you could rent a car in Geneva.

The potential client

The visitor, who visits the country for the tourist and business purposes, and as the local consumer.

Target audience

Target audience - men and women at the age from 21 till 99 years with average / above average incomes.

Quality and Price

The price policy stands according to average level of similar services costs on the market of the particular country. Service quality is at the level of the main competing companies. We aspire to offer the client an optimum correlation of the price and quality. To keep the price at reasonable level and quality at competitive level - such is our price policy.

Work Experience

The first rental location was opened in Vilnius (Lithuania) in 2001. The full spectrum of car hire services on Baltic States markets, have been provided for eight years by those companies that are within "Prime Car Rent" association.

The number of employees constantly grows; by summer of 2019 have been involved 39 persons in three countries - Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia (considering seasonal workers). The quantity of served bookings in 2019 were 7483.


To lease cars at the reasonable prices. After analyzing the car rental market, we have come to a conclusion that a correlation of quality and the price, car rent is comparable with brand clothes - the price is always high, but quality, unfortunately, is not. It is necessary to overpay for a reliable brand, but we consider that owners of a brand should do that by their work, instead of clients by their money. In other words our mission is "to offer car rent services for reasonable prices without an overpayment for something that directly does not influence on services quality".


First of all, those are our clients. We respect not only the finances of the client, but also his time, safety and comfort.
Our system of car pick up and drop of is calculated for those who don't like to wait and be late. Personal time and comfort is what our client aspires to win, preferring an individual transport. The level of comfort of the car depends on a class, but after all the main comfort of the car - serviceability! We do everything we can in order for the safety system of each car offered by us was in an ideal technical condition. All cars pass careful maintenance at the qualified experts, diagnostics and repairs are made exclusively in certified services of manufacturers and official dealers of a car. The technical factor minimizes the human factor! For additional convenience there is a personal manager for each client, ready to meet and assist. The main objective of the manager - to keep the client informed, to help with difficult situation decisions and if necessary to vary a car lease terms. After return of a vehicle the client still has possibility to contact with the manager who served him. Important component of successful granting of qualitative services are employees of the company. We employ only skilled workers with flawless recommendations. Many our colleagues have working experience abroad, besides, our staff can brag with special training. Working with foreigners and in the markets of several countries, working experience in the international companies is especially appreciated, a flexible and an individual approach to each client is also important. Employees of "Prime Car Rent" work with knowledge of the business and therefore are value of the company.

Vision and the purpose

To expand company's "range of vision", beginning from specialization, finishing with target audience. In future we see the company with the increased number of the employees, the expanded car park, but with the same reasonable prices and flexible individual approach. We also see our company in the market of each country where similar services could be interesting. 
Our long-term objective can be put as: "to become better, remaining the same". We aspire to erase all prejudices concerning the field of our activity, and on our own example to show that quality and care of the client for the reasonable price are quite feasible. 
Our secondary long-term objective is to cover with our offer big territories and to open representations in countries of Scandinavia, East and Central Europe in the nearest future.

Unique selling proposition

A live information center in a form of personal manager is offered to each and every client during the rental. After the client is done using our car, he remains the contact with his manager. In case if client wants to rent a car again, he can contact his manager, who has all necessary information about the client and has an experience working with him. Renting a car with us more than once is like borrowing it from a friend.

Company Details

Company Name: "Prime CR" ltd;
Registration number: 40103390170;
Legal address: Rīga, Kalnciema iela 123B, LV-1046.

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