Transfēru Serviss Rīgā Mercedes-Benz S-Class W222

Kas ir SIPP kods?

SIPP codes are used for generalization of the most important differences and features of the car. The given coding is the standard for description of characteristics of the car.

The code usually consists from four letters, each of which bears the unique value and are built in strict sequence. An example:


E - The first letter designates a class (size) of the car, in our case it is an "Economy" class.
D - The second letter designates type of a body and-or quantity of doors, in our case it is the car with four doors.
A - The third letter designates type of a gear box (transmission) and quantity of driving wheels, in our case it is an automatic transmission with one pair driving wheels.
R - The fourth letter designates type of fuel and presence/absence of air-conditioning system, in our case it is a car using gasoline with an air-conditioner. Below in the table the full list of designations of each letter is presented in a sequence.

It is important to understand that under a code the particular car model isn't implied. For example under, taken in an example above, EDAR code, following models of cars can be given: VW Polo, Toyota Yaris, Renault Clio, Opel Corsa and other cars with a familiar equipment set, which fit under the corresponding coiling.

The main information is in a code, instead of a picture of this or that car model. When making a reservation online a particular car model picture is mentioned only for descriptive reasons.


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