Transfer in Riga with Mercedes-Benz S-Class W222


What for the SIPP code system is used?

SIPP code use helps to systematize the approach to comparing many car models by grouping them. As it was already mentioned above, the most important criteria (technical features of the car) have been defined, which with ease allow the person who has faced given system of coding for the first time, to understand a principle of its work.

 In practice SIPP code system has its advantages, and (absolutely insignificant) disadvantages.
As a few main positive things:
- The most important information is already known, and you won’t have to waste your time on inquiry for the additional information on the car interesting you;
- In case of unforeseen circumstances (breakdown, car theft or if the previous clients are late with return of the car intended for you) the car rental company will find you an alternative car as fast as possible.
As the only disadvantage:
- If you are an admirer of a particular car model, a car rental company cannot guarantee you this privilege (except for individual bookings where everything, up to color of interior covering of the car, can be negotiated).


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