Transfer in Riga with Mercedes-Benz S-Class W222


To pay attention on!

- Usually, the second letter of SIPP code - "C" that designates "2/4 doors", which means you can get a car with two doors or with four doors. Therefore, if you know in advance that the car with two doors will deliver you certain inconvenience; choose the car with the second letter "D" in a SIPP code.

 - It is also necessary to pay attention to the fourth letter designating type of fuel and presence/absence of the air-conditioner. Again, more often letters "R" or "N" are used. Besides definition of presence/absence of the conditioner in cars with use of these letters in the coding, they also specify an uncertainty of fuel type. In this case you can receive, with equal degree of probability, the car with the petrol or diesel engine.

 - Another thing, very often, the car rental company can give you more high-class car, rather than you ordered, without an additional payment. So, if it will occur to you, don’t be surprised - it is normal practice!


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